Catching Babies Trailer

Featuring apprentice/ student midwives and mamas of color!

Catching Babies is a 60-minute documentary that tells the story of women as they become midwives in El Paso, Texas. Kennasha, Jessica, Diana and Sandra are young modern women embarking on a journey toward the ancient profession of midwifery. They are struggling through one of the most demanding schools of midwifery in the country, Maternidad la Luz, which was designed to be stressful in order to push women to understand their own strength. Sandra’s clinical studies go hand in hand with her spiritual studies as she learns the Mexica, indigenous Mexican, traditions around birth and pregnancy. The group bonds as sister-midwives in this transformative space, which gives birth to babies, mothers and midwives. Catching Babies is the personal story of three women as they strive to change the world by changing the way babies are born.

For more information on the documentary:
For more information on the school of midwifery:

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