UPDATE: Midwives on the Move from Aima Bey


Peace and Abundant Blessings My Daughters!

I pray for the God Supply of All Good Things for you and your entire Family!

This is my first time at the internet. It is Friday the 23rd and this morning Umm Salaamah, Sis. Kadijah Issa and I went to a rural village to meet with the midwives there. It was about 25 miles from the District Hospital where we will be attending births next week when our midwives arrive.

We met with the traditional midwives that recently delivered TRIPLETS in the bush and gave them KANGAROO CARE by strapping 2 of them to the mothers breast and 1 to the midwifes breast – after the delivery of the plecenta. Finally they were transported to the District Hospital and as of today we saw them in fine shape. 7 Months they will be on Sept 25th. 2 Big Boys and a small girl. the mother is 33yr. and had twins before this event and 2 single births.”

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