IN CELEBRATION OF MIDWIVES: Serving Around the World

Midwives For Haiti educates Haitian women by providing prenatal care and skilled birth assistance to their fellow Haitian sisters, who too frequently die in childbirth without such care.
Film by Dina Maria Munsch
Still Photography: Maria Iorillo
Copyright 2010

Vote for Ibu Robin Lim CNN HERO

MOM: Midwives On The Move

Mama UmmSalaamah Midwives on the Move: Abura Dunkwa Midwifery Training Center

Interview with Saraswathi Vedam at Turning the Tide

Sister Morning Star~Cherokee Midwife

Mohawk Midwife Katsi Cook

Midwife Jennie Joseph is the Executive Director at The Birth Place/Commonsense Childbirth Inc., discusses the extreme challenges uninsured pregnant women in Florida face when trying to pay for their care on a middle-income family budget, enroll in private health insurance while pregnant, or expedite a Medicare application.


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