Safety, Risk, Costs and Benefits: Weighing Choices in Childbirth

Midwife Jennie Joseph is scheduled to present at the Human Rights in Childbirth Conference in the Hague, Netherlands.

Midwife Ina May Gaskin  will serve as the key note speaker for this event and Jennie Joseph along with Anthropologist Robbie Davis Floyd will be speaking on Panel #2.

The Human Rights in Childbirth Conference covers a subject that people all over the world are interested in.  Many will come to the Hague to participate in the conference, but for many this is sadly impossible. Because we want any one who is interested to have the opportunity to attend regardless of where one lives, we have created the the webinar. 

This webinar provides a unique opportunity for professionals and parents around the world to be a part of the global discussion on human rights in childbirth. The Human Rights in Childbirth Conference will be LIVE streamed by a professional team, so you can watch live and join the discussion via Twitter. If you are unable to join live, you will be able to watch the conference panels at your leisure for 30 days following the conference, join the ongoing discussion via the Facebook page, and connect with the regional and international networks of professionals capable of protecting women’s fundamental right to authority and support in childbirth.

Registration is open on the registration page. Click here to go to the registration page.

North American Birth Workers and Midwives thank you in advance for your advocacy work on behalf of  babies, mothers and their families.  The effort you exert to reduce maternal-infant mortality is felt globally and we love you for your commitment!

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