COLORLINES | Supporting Moms Who Breastfeed


“It was definitely challenging in the beginning for both kids because it was really painful, and also my milk didn’t come in until like the fifth day with each of them. It was such a new thing. It’s not very intuitive, at least for me it wasn’t. That’s why it was so difficult because we all felt like we didn’t know what we were doing which made me more anxious.

“Some ways i feel like it’s great, because you get that bond with them. It’s scary when a baby needs you all the time. If I wasn’t breastfeeding, I don’t know what I would be like with [my kids].” —Momo, 34, nursing her daughter Lulu who recently turned 2.

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“Prior to Tlaneyi being born I had been told that I had inverted nipples. So I knew it would be kind of hard. I was having a really hard time with her nursing and I was in a lot of pain. We had this whole project going on next to the bed. Every time she was hungry I would have to pump milk to try to get the nipple out. I would have to put on a nipple shield. I would need to have hot water to put the shield in it. It went like this for about 8 weeks. It was about 10 weeks into it that I took off the nipple shield but she hurt me again. Then I used  nipple cream and let he nurse. I did that until 5 months. She nurses fine now.” —Cinthya nursing her 2-year-old daughter Tlanextli

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