Effective July 1, Indiana the 28th state in the nation to legalize/regulate home birth midwives

“It’s a huge step forward for families in Indiana who choose home births and for the midwives who provide those services,” said Griffin, now president of the Indiana Midwives Association “It increases accountability and transparency for our profession and increases access to the medical community when needed.”

The new law creates a new designation of “certified direct entry midwife” rather than recognizing the standards set by the National Association of Certified Professional Midwives. It gives the job of licensing certified midwives direct entry to the Indiana Medical Licensing Board, which will adopt rules and standards with feedback from a midwifery committee that includes both midwives and doctors.

The law increases the oversight of the certified midwives by physicians and requires expectant mothers who plan a home birth to be seen at least twice — in the first and third trimesters — by that supervising physician.


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the Big Push for Midwives  is pleased to officially recognize INDIANA, our 28th State 

So, Indiana, today is your day, and this is your season! Congratulations and welcome to your new status as the 28th EMERALD PushState. We are so very proud of your hard work and successes. 

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