Midwifery Apprenticeship @ The Community Birth Center in South Los Angeles

“It is with GREAT excitement that The Community Birth Center is ready to begin the search for a new apprentice! The birth center is located in South Los Angeles and our clients reflect the diverse community that makes up Los Angeles as a whole. We provide pre-conception counselling & preparation, insemination at home or the center, prenatal care, birth in the home or center, postpartum care, and well woman care. We have a STRONG commitment to serve all that seek midwifery care regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, socio-economic status, faith, religion or age.  This July we will began our “Community Free Fridays” as we strive to assist those that are in-care limbo, without the means to access gentle midwifery healthCARE, and our at-risk community.

As an apprentice you will learn the ins and outs of a midwifery practice/birth center, hands on midwifery model of care from menstruation or menopause. The profound health disparities that affect minorities specifically, African Americans, Latin Americans, Indigenous, and low income community are dealt with on a daily basis. The center is also committed to helping increase the number of licensed midwives of color by DOUBLE in the state of California by 2016! (ALL interested are WELCOME to apply!) The Community Birth Center is recognized by The Birthing Project USA, National Association of Birth Centers of Color, Los Angeles Personal Involvement Center. We are members of The California Association of Midwives, International Center for Traditional Childbearing. Email info@lacommunitybirth.com for an application, the deadline for receiving applications is July 28th. You MUST be enrolled in a California approved midwifery program BEFORE you begin your apprenticeship! We look forward to hearing from YOU!”
Peace, Blessings, Love & Strength,
Racha Tahani Lawler, CPM, LM

Racha Tahani Lawler, CPM, LM
Traditional Community Homebirth Midwife

The Community Birth Center…Growing our community one birth at a time!

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National Association of Birth Centers of Color
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“Eliminating the racial disparities in birth outcomes among communities of color.”