An Appeal from Ibu Robin Lim and Midwife Vicki Penwell

November 8, 2013 Typhoon Haiyan aka, Yolanda, the deadliest storm to ever make landfall in human history, destroyed the Central Philippines. Yolanda’s winds of 235 kmh, gusts reaching 275 kmh, 15.75 inches of rain, waves surging as high as 15 meters (45 ft.), has claimed the lives of at least 10,000 people, more fatalities have still not been counted. More Information and Bumi Sehat Donation Link

Photo: Earthquake damage closed many of Bohol's Childbirth Centers.

Mercy In Action has been on the ground in the Philippines since 1991, and has already provided almost 13,000 deliveries free of charge for the poorest Filipino families. Now, even though the Penwells’ own homes were ruined in the flooding, Vicki and Rose are heading today to ground zero of the typhoon disaster to set up a tent to provide emergency pregnancy care, including clean safe deliveries. They will be dealing with high blood pressure and eclampsia, prematurity, and all kinds of crisis’s with women who have been beaten and battered by this storm, women who are shattered in body and soul after losing homes and family members to the worse storm ever to make landfall in recorded history. More Information and  Mercy In Action Donation Link