MANA President Jill Breen Resigns, “No one is happy…”

To the MANA membership:

I am very sad to tell you that I am resigning from the MANA Board of Directors. I have loved working for you all as President of MANA.  When I wake up every morning my mind wanders down all the streets that are MANA. Throughout the day I walk those streets, making sure that all the shops are open and things are running smoothly,  picking up the trash, solving little problems and anticipating ones that are not even there yet. There are stresses and challenges but there is also growth and collaboration.  It has been my goal to maintain a high standard of consistency and quality in everything we do in the midwifery world, from constant contacts to conferences. I value commitment and team work and clear communication. As a member of MANA for 29 years I have tried to represent your best interests every day. I always try to remember why we are doing what we do, so that women can know what birth is and can choose how, where and with whom they birth their babies. 

As much as I love being the president of this cherished organization, I have not loved being the President of the Board of Directors. No one is happy and we cannot continue to work in that environment. We have come to a parting of the ways.
As I transition back to being a member-at-large I have some suggestions on how we can be better members and keep MANA dynamic. 

1.Get involved, make this truly a representative membership organization. Find out what MANA is doing, read every Constant Contact from MANA, click on the links, study the issues, make your voice and your vote count, contact your board members.

2.Take advantage of all MANA has to offer – check at least once a week, check News & Events, read the Blog posts and leave a comment, refer to the MANA Essential Documents – the Values & Ethics Statement and the Homebirth Position Paper and the Core Competencies are yours, written and revised through a consensus process and approved by you. They will enrich and guide you, personally and professionally.

 3.Help us do what needs to be done – help raise money for projects, be a MANA Stats contributor, renew your membership and encourage your friends and students to become members, run for the MANA Board positions in the upcoming elections. Be informed, be active, be united.

Your humble servant for birth,  

Jill Breen