Emi Yamasaki McLaughlin, LM, CPM, MSM


Today we’re thrilled to share the profile of Emi Yamasaki McLaughlinShe’s a midwife based out of Seattle and shares a little of the history of Japanese midwives in the Pacific Northwest and their role in keeping midwifery alive in the early 1900’s. She also gives us her thoughts on the importance of growing a birth worker community committed to social justice.

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What does it mean to you to be an Asian-American midwife?

Being an Asian American midwife is very complicated for me. I am mixed race and was raised solely by my white mother. Reconnecting with my Japanese heritage and culture has been a continual process. I draw on the stories of the josanpu who were trained as midwives in Japan in the late 19th century and immigrated to the U.S. Many josanpu, like many midwives throughout history and like my mother, were the primary breadwinners in their…

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