Black Women Birthing Justice Newsletter

Black Women Birthing Justice Newsletter

Issue #5 – SPRING 2014
Inside this Month’s Issue…
Celebrate Doulas!

Postpartum Doulas Understood

By Kimberly Durdin, IBCLC, Doula
Kimberly Durdin from The Sanctuary Birth and Family Wellness Center in Los Angeles explores the role of Postpartum Doulas. As doulas become increasingly recognized by the general public, so does the assumption that doulas are limited to providing support for labor and birth.

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Doula Work is Tradition

By Nilijah Brown
A mother, Doula Trainer, Certified Pregnancy Yoga Instructor, and owner of the MD Birth Network, Nilijah Brown writes to the issue of communal roles during childbirth being disconnected in this time of modern medicine.

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Making a Difference in D.C.

By Aza Nedhari
Executive Director of Mamatoto Village, Aza illustrates the low-income environments, cesarean birth rates, preterm, birth weights, and more that effect the birth climate of D.C. and discusses the benefits of promoting a Doula and Midwifery Model of Care.

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Never Too Late: A Birth Story

By Aniesha Sapp
After two pregnancies, including a C-Section, Aniesha was not looking for the same experiences with her third–which led her to work with a doula. Read the inspiring story of a strong mother who, with the support and advocacy of her doula, had an empowering labor and delivery.

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Birth Justice in Action! 

Read about how to invest in California families by repealing the maximum family grant (SB 899), supporting the Diaper bill (AB 1516) and passing SB 1135 to end the sterilization of women in prison.Take Action Now—call your local council(wo)man, write a letter, lobby, or contact BWBJ to join us as we continue our work to support birth justice, which continues well beyond delivery. 

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BWBJ Has a New Logo! 

A huge thank you to San Francisco-based designer and artist Nancy Cato, founder of Cato Creations, for designing BWBJ’s new logo. Check out her solo exhibit “Tomboy: The Art of Nancy Cato”, featuring the good, the bad, and the attempt to find self-love in a world full of dollies, dresses and tea parties.

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