NACPM | Second ACA Webinar: Thursday June 26, 2:00-3:30 ET

Second ACA Webinar: Thursday June 26, 2:00-3:30 ET
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Please join NACPM – and our webinar series partner, The Association of Midwifery Educators (AME) – for the second webinar in NACPM’s Affordable Care Act webinar series:

The Affordable Care Act:

Birth Centers and Women’s Health Provisions 

The American Association of Birth Centers ensured the inclusion of a Medicaid mandate in ACA to reimburse birth center facility fees, and NACPM, with our MAMA Campaign Partners worked with Sen. Cantwell (D-WA) to include provider reimbursement for licensed providers in birth centers.  In addition, the ACA includes many important provisions to improve women’s health.



Jill Alliman, CNM, MSN, will provide an overview of birth centers across the U.S. and discuss how the ACA reimbursement mandate for birth center facility and provider fees is being implemented.  Jill, the Legislative Committee Chair for the American Association of Birth Centers, is the Center Director for Women’s Wellness & Maternity Center, an accredited nonprofit birth center in Madisonville, TN.





Usha Ranji, MS, Associate Director for Women’s Health Policy at the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, will present an overview of the ACA and its impact on women. Usha’s work with the Kaiser Foundation addresses the impact of major health policy issues on women and girls, with an emphasis on insurance coverage, access to care and low-income populations, and understanding how national health care reform and reproductive health policies influence health and access to services for women.



Autumn Vergo, CPM, NACPM board member and NH birth center owner, will describe her on-the-ground process to obtain Medicaid coverage with the ACA birth center mandate and explain how the implementation is playing out in her CPM practice.  Autumn is NACPM representative to the National Quality Forum.




Have you been wondering what impact health reform might have on your midwifery practice or what opportunities are emerging for changing childbirth in America?  NACPM has prepared this series of webinars to address your questions!  CPM participation in the reforms of the ACA is not straightforward or simple, given the current level of integration of CPMs into the maternity care system.  However, NACPM wants to support all possible avenues for CPM participation and provide CPMs with information to support the development of local and national strategies to increase opportunities.  These webinars are designed to build expertise for midwives on ACA reforms over the course of the series.

Read about the whole series on our website.   View the recording of the first webinar with Becky Martin, The Affordable Care Act: What Health Reform Means for Women, Families & Communitiesan overview of the historical context and basic provisions of the ACA.   

These webinars are free and open to everyone.  There is a small charge if you would like to receive CEUs. Join us to listen to experts from a variety of fields as well as your peers, focusing on topics such as reimbursement, integrated health systems, innovative practices, and electronic health records.

Please join NACPM and presenters on Thursday, June 26, at 2PM and contribute to the conversation about CPMs and participation in the ACA health care reforms.


With all best wishes,

Ellie Daniels, President

Mary Lawlor, Executive Director


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