September is Infant Mortality Awareness Month, please join us tonight at 7:30 pm EST for a special Google Hangout hosted by @JennieJoseph to support the National Perinatal Task Force – Click here to join the Hangout

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Jennie Joseph is building a network of support to transform maternity care in the USA. Be a part of the change, be a part of the movement – stand for mothers and babies right now. Your participation is critical. Thank you!

“Until women and their loved ones feel that they have enough knowledge and agency to be part of the decisions around their care and until they have access to the education and support that they are lacking, they will continue to be at risk.”-Jennie Joseph

Why not educate yourself about why babies are dying. Ask the question, is it possible that many marginalized people are living with ‘post traumatic stress disorder’ due to a continual series of traumatic events? Could it be that this is contributing to the poor health outcomes that have become the norm for certain members of our society, particularly mothers and babies?