Mexico Aims To Save Babies And Moms With Modern Midwifery

In Mexico these days, the majority of babies are born in hospitals. That hasn’t helped reduce the number of maternal deaths, though. So health officials are re-making the centuries-old tradition of midwifery. They are betting a new kind of midwife, one trained in a clinical setting, can offer a solution. At a newly opened school in southern Mexico, young women sit up straight in tiny desks and answer their teacher’s questions in chorus. Their round brown faces and thick black hair are typical of this mostly indigenous region in the state of Guerrero. Many are the daughters, granddaughters or nieces of traditional midwives.


Photo by Mónica Ortiz Uribe |Students at Mexico’s first public midwifery school study together after class.

Mexico Aims To Save Babies And Moms With Modern Midwifery

Mexico Training Midwives In Hope Of Preventing Maternal Deaths

Neonatal survival, cultural safety and traditional midwifery in indigenous communities of Guerrero State, Mexico