Keep the Song Alive!


Imagine a song so sacred, so powerful, that when sung, it brings tranquility, patience and health to the people. This song, known to the Tarahumara as Yumari, brings the rains and produces the harvest. Yumari weaves the fabric whereby the people and Nature are one.

Yumari is our manner of prayer to connect the spirit with our Mother Earth, the trees, the mountains, the water, the air. We thank Onoruame (our God) asking for health, harvest and all that the community needs. Yumari is our manner to gather our community and heal our spirit.


Give Now

Your financial support is needed to cover the costs of passing on and documenting this knowledge. You can help keep this sacred song and ceremony alive. What an incredible blessing to look back and know that you stood with the Tarahumara in these challenging times.