HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATONS TO CONTINUE | MEAC’s decision-making on out-of-country clinical sites

HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATONS TO CONTINUE | MEAC’s decision-making on out-of-country clinical sites experiences further delays

“It is clear from the evidence presented by the workgroup that, due to language and cultural barriers, disparities of power, wealth, and privilege, and the difficulties of obtaining informed consent when students are practicing upon a vulnerable or disadvantaged population, many out-of-country clinical placements for student midwives have caused significant harm to the mothers and babies being cared for, to host communities, and to the students themselves.”

“Some stakeholders have called upon MEAC to impose an immediate, comprehensive ban on outof-country
clinical placements. This is not possible, as any changes to our standards legally require a process including stakeholder feedback and a reasonable notice period before changes may take effect.”

“MEAC recognizes that this process will take time, and also acknowledges the urgency in addressing harms that are taking place now. In setting forth the roadmap below, MEAC has made every effort to balance the right of all stakeholders to have meaningful input into any changes to MEAC standards with the ethical imperative to mitigate harms as swiftly as possible.”

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