Southeast Wise Women Herbal Immersion

June Herbal Immersion Discount until Friday March 20th
Southeast Wise Women Herbal Immersion
June 1-6 near Asheville, NC
Is the Herbal Immersion a journey for you?
  • Are you into “alternative” health–and long for a deeper connection with the Earth and what it means to be a woman in these times?
  • Do you want to develop close relationships with a circle of herbal allies that grow around you in your daily life as food and medicine?
  • Do you sometimes wonder, “What would it really look like to love myself, to source my happiness from within?”
  • Do you sense you would feel more fulfilled by deepening your knowledge of the plants and your own body?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you would find yourself with like-minded sisters in this unique hands-on program. The Herbal Immersion is renowned as a wellspring for women who want to reconnect with their own inner Wise Woman.
To find out if the Herbal Immersion is for you,
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Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference