MEAC “Board decided not to impose a moratorium on OOC clinical training”

A MEAC-led workgroup made of diverse members representing opposing viewpoints convened in response to NARM’s decision to ban OOC training for PEP students. After 12 months of careful research and consideration of the strongly divided opinions of the larger community of stakeholders, the workgroup was unable to reach a consensus recommendation. Likewise, the MEAC Board also struggled to find agreement about the best solution for this complex and multifaceted issue. Ultimately, the Board decided not to impose a moratorium on OOC clinical training.

From the beginning, MEAC understood that no decision on the proposed moratorium could satisfy everyone in the midwifery community. The decision not to enact the proposed moratorium was a difficult one given the gravity of the concerns raised about OOC clinical training. The feedback of the midwifery community, however, highlighted the need for a comprehensive reform of our clinical training models rather than a temporary fix that was certain to have mixed results and the potential for unanticipated consequences. We hope that you will consider your part in supporting the work of the Task Force as we undertake the critical process of creating a comprehensive plan to improve all clinical education.