Medicine in Mexico: Prehispanic, Institutional, Alternative

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Mexico: Cuernavaca

August 23 – September 5, 2015


This program comprises Spanish classes in the morning and afternoon trips to local traditional docs, hospitals, and clinics to gain knowledge about traditional and institutional medicine there. Homestay accommodation is provided plus 3 meals a day. Hotel or apartment housing are also available.

This 3-week program is most ideal for those who are in the healthcare and medical industry, like nurses and family doctors, alternative healthcare practitioners, specialists and midwives. They will learn more about the healthcare system in Mexico, social and cultural issues like health and human rights, health and spirituality, cultural beliefs about health, among other issues.

Daily intensive Spanish language instruction is from Monday to Friday. With an intimate class composed of at most five students. students develop Spanish language proficiency, plus they can be assured that they belong to a class that is most appropriate to their level of Spanish. Accredited by the Ministry of Public Education (State of …

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