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We have a very important and bittersweet announcement. SQUAT is retiring. SQUAT will release two more issues, after which we will collectively, gracefully, and collaboratively, step down.

We would like to deeply thank you, our community and readership, for your support over the last six years. At its founding, SQUAT sought to fill a desperately needed gap in print media for alternative, anarchist, radical birth workers, and we are proud of all we have accomplished and contributed over the past half-decade together.

Choosing to end SQUAT was not an easy conclusion to come to. Simply put, as the core volunteers for SQUAT, we no longer have the immense amount of time and energy it takes to keep SQUAT running and progressing. We are feeling the pressure and demands of a changing birth world, changing priorities, changing ideas of what SQUAT should be, and can no longer keep things afloat in a volunteer capacity.

Our lives have all greatly changed over the last few years since we started working with SQUAT. We’ve had (more) babies, started families, moved between states and countries, lost and gained loved ones, and all struggled with our time and finances. While SQUAT has been an important and loved part of all our lives for years and years, we respectfully and honestly no longer have this much of ourselves to give.

Much has changed in our communities since the first issue of SQUAT. What it means to be a media publication/association has blossomed. Definitions and identities of “radical”, “full-spectrum”, “inclusive”, and “reproductive justice” focused work have morphed, expanded, and challenged us all, shaping a richer, more accountable birth world with much more work to do.

SQUAT has changed, too. Our articles have slowly started incorporating a much more intentional full-spectrum of reproductive health coverage, offering an equal outlet for birth stories as for stories of loss, identity, and justice. We hosted two challenging and provocative conferences, offering a physical meeting place for our readers to discuss issues of importance to them. We have morphed our image and layout skills as our self-taught, impressive layout manager grew in her work. Many of our contributors have gratefully acknowledged that there are few other publications accepting work on the subjects SQUAT prioritizes.

As part of our retirement, we’ll be having a fire sale of merchandise and back issues, as well as making sure there is a home on the web where people can continue to download every issue of SQUAT. But before we close up shop for good, help us send SQUAT off with a bang! Our final issue will be extra-long, extra-radical, and a bittersweet, beautiful farewell. If you’ve ever wanted to contribute to SQUAT, this is your chance! Send us your stories, articles, poetry, artwork, advertisements, rants, and celebrations. You can find our submissions guidelines here — our final submissions deadline is October 15. Show us your love!

It has been an honor to be on this journey with you and we look forward to working together on our final issue!

Questions? Check out our Retirement FAQ page for more information about the details.

In bittersweet solidarity,

Molly, Meghan, and Sarah
Editors, SQUAT Birth Journal

PS — Because your subscription runs through Winter 2015, we are offering two options. Please read the following carefully. 

First, you may receive a refund of the outstanding balance of your subscription. This comes to $7.50 for US subscribers and $8.75 for Canadian subscribers.

You may also choose to donate your balance to the SQUAT fund, which will be used to distribute issues of SQUAT to libraries, birth centers, and resource centers around the world at no cost to them. SQUAT has always been a volunteer-run, community-based organization, and your donation is greatly appreciated.

Please follow this link to a short form where you can make your decision. If you don’t fill out the form, you will get a Paypal refund to the email address you subscribed with.
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