Join COHI, Help Refugees in Need

Pictured here is baby Sadan, born in an underpass connected to the Keleti train station in Budapest, Hungary, where her parents wait for a train to Germany.

As you know by now, Europe is experiencing an influx of refugees fleeing the Middle East because of conflicts in their home countries. The destabilization in the region has families risking their lives in hopes of a brighter and safer future in Europe. Unfortunately, not all countries are prepared to take in these families. In some countries, there has been little to no institutional assistance provided to the refugees who have reached their borders, and the response on the ground is almost entirely a grassroots approach.

COHI is organizing to respond to the needs of mothers and babes during this chaotic time, and will do so with love and compassion. Please stay tuned for updates with specific details of our response coming soon.

If you can volunteer your time, please fill out our volunteer form, or pass it on to those who can. Volunteers should have professional experience with maternal and child health and have regional experience.

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