Remember Mercy In Action on Giving Tuesday

December 1, 2015

Dear friends and supporters!

You will be happy to know that as this year comes to a close, Mercy In Action is expanding our ministry reach in several directions. Thank you for your continued support; our non-profit and easy access clinics, birth centers, and training programs for midwives continue to help pregnant women and new families all over the world.

In December we are launching or expanding our support for four midwifery outreaches in the Philippines:

1. A new birth center in Caloocan, Luzon Island
2. A new outreach to pregnant women in Mindoro Island
3. An expanded outreach to tribal families outside Olongapo
4. Continued and expanded support for the birth center we rebuilt in the disaster zone on Leyte Island.

In addition, plans are going forward to renovate space for a clinic and birth center, midwifery school, and dorm rooms in Boise, Idaho. Rose Penwell is managing the birth center while Ian is in school working toward becoming a medical doctor.  Vicki Penwell is overseeing the school while going back and forth between the Philippines. Scott and Ian manage all aspects of Information Technology, curriculum for the school, and video production of continuing education courses online as a fundraiser to pay for the free midwifery care we give away both in the Philippines and Boise. And we have a wonderful staff of volunteers who help with everything!

In this happy holiday season of Peace on Earth and Good Will Toward All, please help Mercy In Action keep helping the poor with a generous donation!

All donations are tax deductible and help literally to save the lives of low-income pregnant women and newborn babies. Everywhere we bring our programs we lower the infant and maternal death rates of that region, and that is a worthy thing to support in honor of the Christ Child’s birth, and all year long!

To Donate:

Mail a check:
Mercy In Action
3018 W. Overland Road
Boise, Idaho 83705 USA

Sincerest Love and Blessings,

The Penwell family and all the staff of Mercy In Action

Penwell / Allen Family