New York | Presentation by OHMA alum and oral historian Nicole JeanBaptiste

Columbia University : OHMA Open House Jan 28th

Listen to audio clips collected for Nicole’s thesis, A Long Line of Healers: Tracking the Evolution of Birthing Practices Among Women of African Descent and its Connection to the History of Traditional Midwifery in the American South.  These are Black women’s voices speaking on intergenerational experiences with and issues surrounding childbirth and their relationship to the history and legacy of traditional birthing practitioners in the American South.

…Nicole is currently continuing an oral history project she began as an OHMA student, which focuses on the evolution of birthing practices among women of African descent and how this may be linked to the history of midwifery in the American South.  She plans to tour the South collecting narratives from Black women who can speak to shifts in childbirth practices and traditional midwifery and use them to write a book of creative non-fiction on this subject.  She’s found that her work as a doula in underserved areas of the Bronx also greatly contributes to the development of this work.

Oral History Master of Arts