GRAND CHALLENGE SCHOLARSHIP | Doula Trainings International

We currently offer a scholarship for birth workers of color in alliance with and support of the national Midwives of Color Grand Challenge. DTI is committed to lowering disparities in maternal and infant health for all people. We recognize that issues of race and class directly impact our culture of birth and representation matters to us. Our 9-month program addresses this in our DTI2: Birth and Postpartum doula training, as well as in our commitment to creating community based doula initiatives dedicated toward making an impact and creating change. We are committed to changing the landscape of birth for every doula and every person by being part of the Grand Challenge and offering birth workers of color scholarships for each and every training DTI offers.

Scholarship applications are welcome at any time on a rolling basis. Once we receive your application the review process will start immediately. When spots become available we will contact you for the training you have applied for.

To apply for a scholarship please start the registration process below. Follow the prompts through the scholarship questions.


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