1/2 Way to GOAL : Midwifing for Jamaica

Footprints Foundation has invited six Midwives; three each from the USA and three from England; all of African descent, to be the training facilitators team for the July 11-15 trip!

Midwives Jamarah Amani, Claudia Booker, and Shelia Simms Watson have been invited! Each volunteer is responsible for raising her own round trip air fare, travel expenses, and the $950.00 accommodations fee.   We need to raise $6,000.00 so that the three of us can take our skills, our hands and hearts to Jamaica.

Footprints Foundation has created an amazing partnership with the Minister of Health in Jamaica to help reduce maternal and infant mortality by providing skill enhancement trainings to Jamaican doctors, nurses, midwives working in primary obstetrical care in a hospital or clinic settings.   These trainings are conducted by volunteer healthcare professionals from around the world.

The training focuses on addressing the current direct and indirect causes of maternal deaths in Jamaica including cardiac diseases, eclampsia, gestational diabetes, sickle cell disease and HIV. 

These five-day trainings are conducted in four locations: Kingston, Mandeville and Montego Bay and Ocho Rios.



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