ASDS 2nd Annual Women of Color Doula Conference | Decolonizing Birth: at the Intersections of Identity

Ancient Song Doula Services (ASDS) is excited to announce our 2nd annual Women of Color Doula Conference. This year’s theme is Decolonizing Birth: at the Intersections of Identity,
Cultural Practice, and Policy. The conference aims to connect birth and reproductive justice advocates and build the capacity of community health workers to deepen our understanding, dialogue, and social action for the critical issues impacting the reproductive health of communities of color in New York City.


Event Information:

Location: Ancient Song Doula Services, 375 Stuyvesant Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11233
Dates and Times:
Friday, September 23, 2016­ Sunday, September 25, 2016

● Friday, 7pm­-10pm, Kick­off party
● Saturday, 9am-­5pm, Registration begins at 8:00am
● Sunday, 9am­-3pm, Registration begins at 8:00am

Do you want to be involved? See below

Workshop Proposal Submission Form

Vendors for Birth Justice Conference

All inquiries and sponsorship oppurtunites should be directed to


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