2017 MCU Conferences

Transform at Conference
Plan now to attend conference in 2017!
Fall is a time to gather and reflect. It is a time to make plans for the coming year. Take advantage of this season to look ahead and plan next year with the aid of the conference schedules for 2017.

Transform at the 2017 MCU Conferences…

Change is a process. Becoming something more takes time and effort. Conference offers a unique place and time outside the typical experiences. A place to cocoon yourself in the supportive community of new friends, to safely explore new skills, perfect techniques, and expand horizons. Conference is an opportunity for all who attend.
All are welcome to come transform themselves into the strong and wise midwife, woman, individual they are becoming.
Held twice a year in April and August in Salt Lake City, MCU Conferences are an opportunity to unite together, gain hand-on experiences, and form life-long relationships. Take advantage of the opportunity.
Conference Schedules for both Spring and Fall Conferences, as well as more detailed information, is available at http://www.midwifery.edu/student-conferences.
We look forward to seeing you there!

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