Special Birth Story Request

The time before Christmas is a Special Time, in which people reflect on
things that happened. Birth is a very special event in life; for women and
their families, but also for health care providers.  This year we would like
to create an on-line Advent Calendar, each day in December we share a
Special Birth Story with people world-wide. We would love 25 Special Birth
Stories; and we need your help!

What can you do?
Do you have a story about childbirth that created a special moment in your
life, and still leaves have a special place in your heart, when you think
about it?  The story can be about loss, but might have had a special impact
on you, and your life. Do you want to share your special story with us?

If so, we would love to hear your story. Please write it down in a Word
document or simply in an e-mail text of maximum 500 words and send this
until the 25th of November to the e-mail address below.

If you decide you want to share your story, you can find further information
and details on the process below.


Image result for advent

Size: The story should be maximal 500 words and written on an A- 4 paper in
Word or in the direct e-mail message.
Contact details: Please provide contact details, should any questions occur.
We also need this to ask your consent for publication, if your story is
Anonymity: The stories will be published anonymously. Any details that will
lead to recognition (names, cities) will be deleted or changed. We will
however mention the country of origin, unless this is explicitly required
Language: Preferably English. Other languages will be accepted as well, and
be translated if possible. Once translated the story will have to be checked
by the original author.
Collection: The stories will be send to a specific email address:
Platform/Website: All stories once anonymised will be shared on a face book
page called Special Birth Stories
Ownership: The ownership of the stories will stay with the original authors.
The platform and its authors do not own the stories.
Time-line: The stories should be sent to the email address preferably up to
25th of November 2016, so that we have time to pick stories for each day of
the calendar.
Process and selection: the stories will be read, chosen and processed by one of the first authors, and published on-line by one of them by noon of the
each day.


Your comments are valued

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