Congress Delivery Day | Sign Welcome Note NOW!

Big changes are taking place in Washington as the 115th Congress takes office, and there’s a lot on the line for breastfeeding familiesThat’s why it’s more important than ever that legislators understand their role in ensuring breastfeeding families have the support they need and deserve.
Sign our special note to welcome the new Congress, remind them that “Breastfeeding Saves Dollars and Makes Sense,” and ask them to protect and build on federal policies and investments that support our Nation’s breastfeeding families!
The “asks” in the welcome note have been compiled from YOUR feedback on priority action areas during our National Breastfeeding Month 2016 campaign and from the priority strategies of ournational Constellations of member and partner organizations.
On Monday, January 9, we will deliver the welcome message with your signatures and personal notes to every Member of Congress, as part of a very special welcome kit!
**Sign up here to join us for the “Welcome Congress” delivery day!**
Each Congressional Office will receive a welcome kit which will include a dollar-themed notepad; fact sheets and a story booklet about the three key breastfeeding-related components of the Affordable Care Act; and a customized fact sheet with their state’s breastfeeding metrics and information about federally funded breastfeeding projects and the breastfeeding coalition in their state!
We hope you’ll join us to help shape the discussion about breastfeeding for the incoming Congress. Your participation has never been so important. We need your help to deliver this message loud and clear: optimal breastfeeding could prevent 3,340 deaths, $3 billion in medical costs, and $14.2 billion in costs of premature death, annually!
This is the kind of fiscal talk that Washington understands.
Can you quickly sign our welcome note now? It’s an easy way to let your Members of Congress know that you expect them to prioritize breastfeeding families during the 115th Congressional session. The more signatures we collect, the stronger our message will be that support for breastfeeding is good for FAMILIES, EMPLOYERS, and the ECONOMY.
Please also forward this message to share this opportunity with friends, family, and colleagues, and stay tuned on delivery day for more ways to boost the impact of this event!
Thank you for sharing your voice and support. Today and every day, we will make sure that our dedicated supporters are the first to know what’s happening on Capitol Hill and how individuals and organizations can take action to build the landscape of breastfeeding support.


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