NACPM Webinar | GBS Screening and Treatment

Thursday, January 12, 2017 2-3:30pm ET, 1.5 MEAC CEs (0.15 CEUs) Applied for

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 This webinar will cover the etiology of Group Beta Strep, as well as historical and current best screening practices. In addition, we will cover the pharmacology of treatment.


Dr. Tolulope Adebanjo, Epidemic Intelligence Service  Officer in the Respiratory Diseases Branch at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, will provide an overview of GBS, the history of GBS screening, and current guidelines for prevention of GBS disease in newborns.   

 Vivickipenwelltempcki Penwell, CPM, will explain the pharmacology of IV antibiotic treatment for Group Beta Strep in
community settings. Vicki is cofounder of Mercy in Action, a nonprofit organization establishing birth centers
for poor families in the Philippines since 1992 and now the Mercy in Action College of Midwifery located in Boise, Idaho. She regularly offers seminars and other continuing education courses, including “Expect the Unexpected: Midwives Handling Complications in Out-of-Hospital Settings” a four day intensive that is part of a series that meets the NARM Bridge Certificate requirements.


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