Perinatal Safe Spot Spotlight!

The National Perinatal Task Force would like to congratulate the
BirthWell Partners Community Doula Project
for being an outstanding representation of a Perinatal Safe Spot!
BirthWell Partners (BWP) is located in Birmingham, Alabama, servicing Jefferson County, providing free doula services for low-resource families, 92% of whom are covered by Medicaid for their pregnancy and birth. When comparing the birth outcomes & breastfeeding data of Jefferson County Medicaid births and BWP births, there was a significant difference. BWP clients had lower rates of C-section, Epidural, Preterm Births and low birth weights. BWP clients were also over 10 times more likely
to breastfeed their babies!
This Perinatal Safe Spot also trains doulas, providing 8-10 need based training scholarships a year, increasing the diversity of doulas servicing their community. 
Image result for perinatalsafespot

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