SUPPORT REQUESTED | R.O.O.T.T Restoring Our Own Through Transformation


R.O.O.T.T. (Restoring Our Own Through Transformation) is a start up collective of concerned Black women, WOC, families, community members, allies/accomplices, and interdisciplinary public health/social justice advocates in response to the increasing rate of maternal/infant mortality and morbidity in the Central Ohio area.

Through R.O.O.T.T, we will go beyond surface level “risk factors” regarding marginalized mother, infants, and our communities to get the root causes of these rates which encompass the Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) that are of direct consequence of the structural determinants that create them by addressing institutional racism and building relationships within community to various levels of caregivers.We ask for your support in this crowdfunding request to assist us with startup costs so we may move quickly into expanding our program development and current services offered.

We are R.O.O.T.T. We are (collectively) Enough. We ask for your support. Thank you in advance.

GENEROSITY by Indiegogo

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