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  1. this is a great short lecture…watch it…today I was with native Hawaiians for makahiki games and one of them said how come you look and are so strong, so healthy, I said cause I am only 65 and got 40 more years at least. but my thought as I walked away was the way I was raised and that was a result of being second generation from Sicilia, In Sicilia it was the Moors had the Sicilians (all northern african bloodlines) for almost 900 years, but we were blessed because they set up our island and also Sardinia as altars , grew food, taught sustainability, in the 1400 hundreds they had 15 universities while Europe had 2. This is why and it could have been any color any race. Later most enslaved us but we knew how to grow food, medicines and work. this woman is straight up correct and it shows the deep prejudice that is in medicine and shapes Western MD’s minds to support drug companies. thanks for posting this one. it is great.

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