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'A lot of the time though I use my newborn photography skills in getting the babies to sleep and pose them into the props,' she said

'It is very important to me to keep our culture alive, to promote awareness and show how beautiful the traditions are,' Ms Hille said



Giving Birth By C-Section

5 Ways to Lower The Likelihood of a Cesarean Section

Cesarean Section and Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Books

Using a Doula for Cesarean Birth

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By Robin Elise Weiss, PhD
Updated April 20, 2016

There are certain things that you need to know in pregnancy. This information is best gained from a conversation with your practitioner, doctor or midwife. This information can help you in choosing the right practitioner for you and your pregnancy by providing you with answers that can help you in finding the perfect fit and to ensure that you get the best care possible.

At what facilities do you have privileges?
Be sure to interview each facility just as much as you interviewed your doctor or midwife prior to selecting them to help you during the birth of your baby. Ask each hospital lots of questions during your interview.

What tests or procedures do you normally recommend in pregnancy?
Every practitioner probably has a slightly different offering of tests. From Amniocentesis to Stress tests, your midwife or doctor should explain each thoroughly to you.

What pregnancy books do you recommend I read?
No matter what they say, here are my recommendations for pregnancy books. I love to read!

What do you recommend for normal pregnancy aches and pains?
There are many common discomforts associated with pregnancy. Many of these can be eased without medications. See Pregnancy Remedy Index.

Who are your back up practitioners? When might I see them? Can I meet them before the birth?
Knowing the possibilities, even if remote, can make you feel more at ease. Don’t hesitate to meet them even if just to say hello. For more questions on call schedules.

Do you recommend any certain childbirth classes?
There are lots of choices available to consumers when it comes to childbirth classes. Do you go to classes that your friends took? Should you take hospital based classes? Find out what options are available in your community and who your practitioner or your friends recommend.

Do you routinely use interventions in labor or do you wait to see if they are needed?
Routine use of interventions in labor has not been shown to be beneficial. Informed consent is a must for each intervention proposed.

At what point to you talk about the artificial induction of labor?
Induction of labor is used when medically indicated that your baby is safer on the outside than on the inside. Unfortunately, social induction, or inducing labor with no medical reason has become popular. While there are many theories on why, be sure to talk to your practitioner about using induction wisely.

Which doulas have you worked with? Who would you recommend?
Using a professional doula has been shown to decrease the rates of many interventions.

What are your vaginal birth rates? For first time moms? For moms who have had babies before? For moms who have had previous cesarean births?
Ask questions about the likelihood of you having a normal birth. Ask early and often. Let your doctor or midwife know you’re committed to having a normal birth. Be sure to ask specifically about vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) rates if you have had a previous c-section.

While some of these questions may seem like they are not related to your care, they are related in a way that will help you get to know your practitioner and their office better. It can also help you be informed about what you need to know to make the best decisions for your baby. So ask these questions as you go through your prenatal care!


Wilmington, Delaware Nurse Midwife

Christiana Care Health System is currently seeking a Certified Nurse Midwife to work full-time. The primary location seeing your own panel of patients will be at our Wilmington Practice 3 days/week in addition to providing care and coverage on the labor unit and OB triage at Christiana Hospital the additional two days You will function as an Advanced Practice Nurse, Certified Nurse Midwife to provide care to low risk women seeking prenatal services, family planning and obstetrical care. You will be responsible for the management of the low risk woman and fetus throughout the puerperium process with consultation/collaborative care as appropriate.
Provide direct management and ambulatory healthcare to adolescent and adult women seeking OB/GYN services under the appropriate medical supervision and planning care within established protocols, guidelines, and procedures. Within the scope of their education, training and credentialing, evaluate, diagnose and treat obstetrical and gynecological patients in both in-and outpatient settings. Participate in ambulatory health care to women seeking OB/GYN services. Participate in the care of inpatients and outpatients at CCHS.

Work Shift DayShf,Rotat Day/Even
Position Type Advanced Nurse Practitioner
Job Requisition #: 37888BR

Wilmington, Delaware Nurse Midwife




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Temporary Authorization of New Institutions under the Postsecondary Authorization Act


College of Traditional Midwifery Summertown, TN

150 School House Road, Summertown, Tennessee 38483


Program:                                Midwifery

Credential Awarded:           Associate of Applied Science

Length of Program:              92 Semester Credit Hours 36 Months

Corporate Structure:           Not-for-Profit Corporation

Accreditation:                       None

Title IV Funding:                  No


The Commission, under the Postsecondary Education Authorization Act, has the “power and duty” to act upon applications for authorization to operate an educational institution in the state. For the institutions listed below, applications have been reviewed, site visits have been performed, and staff has determined that all necessary documentation and bonds have been secured. The Committee on Postsecondary Educational Institutions met on April 7, 2016 and endorsed staff recommendations for Temporary Authorization of these institutions. 


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