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Midwives On the Move (MOM), is taking its first group of midwifery students and new midwives to Ghana West Africa for a 3-week clinical and educational program.  This first trip is limited to 4. This program will be from October 1, 2011 through October 28, 2011. 

Mission Statement:

Midwives On the Move and The Abura Dunkwa Midwifery Training Center recognize the disparities in both infant mortality and maternal mortality in America, Africa and the Diaspora, and the difficulty aspiring NARM candidates from these communities and other communities of color experience to secure preceptors and preceptor sites.  We hereby commit to provide global, practical, hands on experience, in Africa, for midwives and midwifery students.  Though MOM’s priority is to build capacity for communities of color, this program is open to all students with cultural sensitivity and competence. We commit to impacting the educational needs, and the disparities in outcomes, in our community, by returning trained, competent, caring midwives, to provide services, educate families, prepare them for childbirth and as our graduates set up their own practices, they will provide increased preceptor opportunities for the next generation of midwives. 

Each participant’s experience is enhanced by exchanging wisdom, knowledge, skills and techniques with local, notable, experienced traditional midwives and nurse-midwives. 

NARM Approved Out of Country Clinical Site

On July 15, 2011 the NARM Board has approved MOM and The Abura Dunkwa Midwifery Training Center clinical site at the Abura Dunkwa District Hospital, in Central Region, Ghana West Africa, as one of its approved out of country sites, category 2, for hospital births only.  It will be posted on the website soon.  In addition, UmmSalaamah Sondra Abdullah-Zaimah qualifies as a preceptor given her status as a CPM and CNM. This site has not yet been approved as a clinical site by MEAC for students attending MEAC-accredited schools.

Please be aware that since the majority of the primary care will be done in a hospital setting, under the current NARM PEP program requirements, only 10 hospital births can be counted in your calculations for “primary under supervision births”.

You are responsible for securing your round trip transportation to Accra, Ghana. Please schedule your flight to arrive in Ghana on 30 Sept 2011 or 1 Oct 2011 and return flight to leave Accra, 28 Oct or 29 Oct.  You are welcome to extend your stay on either side of our program but you will be responsible for all expenses that are not within these dates.

Airfare is estimated to be about $1,300.00 on KLM – Delta and South African Airlines are also possibilities. 

The fee for the program is $1350, excluding air fare, to be paid in full by September 1, 2011. 

For more information please contact:

UmmSalaamah Sondra Abdullah-Zaimah


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    Peace and Abundant Blessings My Daughters!

    I pray for the God Supply of All Good Things for you and your entire Family!

    This is my first time at the internet. It is Friday the 23rd and this morning Umm Salaamah, Sis. Kadijah Issa and I went to a rural village to meet with the midwives there. It was about 25 miles from the District Hospital where we will be attending births next week when our midwives arrive.

    We met with the traditional midwives that recently delivered TRIPLETS in the bush and gave them KANGAROO CARE by strapping 2 of them to the mothers breast and 1 to the midwifes breast – after the delivery of the plecenta. Finally they were transported to the District Hospital and as of today we saw them in fine shape. 7 Months they will be on Sept 25th. 2 Big Boys and a small girl. the mother is 33yr. and had twins before this event and 2 single births.

    The Midwives in this village are an Elder that has trained 3 of her daughters. They have nearly no equipment for these events and it is only by GOD’s Grace and MIRACLES that these children are doing so well. The Mother nursed all three of them while we were meeting – we took pictures – and will be sharing this story and photos on our Midwives on the Move web page in the very near future.

    Yes, Umm & I are doing well – preparing for the women to come. We are living in a 3 room flat upstairs with a balcony and private bath. The place was empty when we arrived – however we now have carpet/linoleum, curtains, our own kitchen outside of our room, tables & chairs, working cieling fans, a newly installed screen door on the balcony – plenty of fresh food every day and LOTS of LOVE from the community and Hospital staff.

    GOD / ALLAH is our supply and our household family help clean & cook with me on a daily basis.

    I’m finding much JOY in the Mission that we have undertaken. We are such a great help to the NEEDY people here on the Planet. The hundreds of pounds of Medical supplies are still not enough – yet they will help the District Hospital as well as several rural communities. MIDWIVES Saving Lives!!! i AM EVER GRATEFUL TO BE A SERVANT OF THE CREATOR!
    The greatest need is for HEAD LAMPS for the rural midwives who deliver in the dark without electricity. We lacated some @ Wal-Mart in the Sporting Goods Dept. RAY-O-VAC cost $5.88 each. They would be a great asset to these women. More up-dates to come!


  2. This is so needed and truly a blessing for all midwives of color especially those of us of African descent. I pray that the creators continues to bless and open the way for Sister UmmSalaamah and Sister Aima and the program.

  3. Finally !!!! This is so needed and truly a blessing for all midwives of color especially those of us of African descent. I pray that the creators continues to bless and open the way for Sister UmmSalaamah and Sister Aima and the program and that many student midwives as well as the midwives in Ghana will benefit from this collaboration…praying for many many blessings

  4. wow sounds like amazing work I feel like I would love to be apart of this movement somehow or someway.. i have a 3 yr old that I am traveling with.. that makes things a bit more challenging. what amazing beings of light you are.. love it love love it.. Theresa

  5. MashaAllah! such an exciting news. I am a student midwife and would love to take advantage of this program in the future inshaAllah.


  6. As a Scottish midwife who worked in Ghana (Agogo, Ashanti) in the 90’s, I wish you well in this project. If there is anything I can do to help, please get in touch.
    God Bless

  7. MashAllah,may God bless the work that you are doing. I am a nurse midwifery student who hopes to work in the Yendi/Tamale area. I am so happy to see the pioneers who are already working in Ghana. If we want to send supplies how do we get it to you?

  8. Peace & Blessings to One and ALL!!!

    “The WE TEAM” is making great progress. Land has been awarded to “MIDWIVES ON THE MOVE” and currently the surveyor is being shown the property. Small farming is being done around the Abura Dunkwa District Hospital grounds. There is much to be done to ensure the ‘enstoling’ of Queen Mother of Health & Development – Umm Salaamah to the Abura Asebu Kwamankesse District. This event is scheduled for April 7th, 2012. This includes a 7 day festival. Our current Committee needs are: 1) A Computer / Laptop for the Festival Office (in case someone has a used one to donate) 2) A Printer / Fax machine 3) Computer Modem for Online access, 4) Office Furniture & Supplies and numerous other Operating Expenditures to make this event a Supreme Success!
    Your Care & Contributions are Welcomed! Contact UMM Salaamah @ (404) 287-7440 or Aima Bey @ aimabey@gmail.com – (678) 561-5756

  9. Assalaamu ‘Alaikum, Umm Salaama

    May Allah bless you and help you to continue your strive for midwives, amin.

  10. This is a life changing opportunity if you have desired to learn and give at the same time. This is the program to go with!

  11. “MIDWIVES ON THE MOVE” is offering a 4 day training for the rural village midwives of Dutch Komenda, Ghana on March 11 – 15, 2012. Currently 12 Traditional Birthing Attendants (TBA’s) from 4 villages will be sent for training. We are excited to share this opportunity with SABAYET’s “Assignment H.E.A.L.” (Helping Extend Afrikan Lives) and the JUSLUV EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION.

  12. Peace to One and ALL !!!

    This is a follow-up on the recent happenings with ‘MIDWIVES ON THE MOVE’!!!
    March 11th – 15th ‘Midwives on the Move’ conducted a 4 day Training for Midwives in Dutch Komenda. 5 local villages sent 20 women for this training. The project was a collaborative effort and ground breaking event for SAYABET. Health Screenings, First Aid and First Aid classes, Breast Exams, Health Assessments and much more was received by the 3,500 residents of the Dutch Komenda Community. Midwives on the Move closing celebration for this event included kits donated by ‘The Birthing Collective’ – “A BOOK for MIDWIVES” for each village and many supplies (clamps, cord, gloves, betadine, etc.) needed for future births.

    On March 18, 2012 Abura Dunkwa Chief, Nana Osam Kwesi Vll and elders of the community joined with Umm Salaamah Abdullah-Ziamah and Aima Bey AbdelRahimEl in presenting a Fetal Hearh Monitor to Abura Dunkwa District Hospital being donated by CARLOTTA CRAWFORD to Midwives on the Move.

    This is our 3rd year collaborating with the Hospital. In recognition of these efforts, on APRIL 7th, 2012, Umm Salaamah was installed as Queen Mother of Health and Development for Abura Dunkwa with the stool name; NANA ABA KWANSIMAH l. The Staff and Administration of the Hospital are grateful and have sent Congratulations on her enstoolment.

    “Midwives on the Move” is looking forward to the group coming this fall. “The ‘WE’ Team is ready to sing the MIDWIVES SONG and the maternity ward ask for that song every time I visit them. Any donations can be sent to:

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