Nicolle Gonzales CNM ~ Blessingway of a Native American Midwife

This short film is a visualization of what I see and value in my profession. It also weaves a tale of how midwifery in my Navajo culture has evolved over time. One of my biggest challenges as an emerging Nurse-Midwife is to maintain a sacred space for these cultural beliefs in a hospital setting. On my journey to becoming a midwife I was amazed at the lack of Native American women in my profession and I made this short film to bring an awareness to our rich cultural heritage of midwifery. I hope to encourage other Native American women to walk this path with me. Thanks to my UNM Nurse-Midwifery faculty for nurturing my inner growth as a nurse-midwife all the while respecting my need to stay connected to my cultural roots as a Navajo woman….Ahe”hee(Thank You) ~ Nicolle Gonzales, CNM



  1. Hi Ms. Gonzales. My name is Barbara Martinez and I’m in nursing school student and Florida and I am doing a cultural presentation on the birthing process of theNavajo people. I would love to get some information so that it will help prepare me to give an informative presentation. If you could reach out to me I would greatly appreciate it. My phone number is 813-*******

  2. Hi there Nicolle!
    This is Anita Rojas, a Chicana midwife in Eugene Oregon. My son lives in Albuquerque going to school there. He recently told me that you are considering opening a BC. Different States, different set of rules, CNM vrs. a CPM, LDM etc.
    I am excited to hear this good news, are you really considering opening a birthing center? If so, and if you are interested come visit us! I have opened a free standing birthing center in yr. 2003. Just wanted to send you an invite, and congratulate you on your hard work.
    Blessings and warm hugs!
    Anita Rojas CPM, LDM

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