Katsi Cook ~ Mohawk Midwife

“Woman is the first environment. In pregnancy our bodies sustain life. At the breast of women, the generations are nourished. From the bodies of women flows the relationship of those generations both to society and the natural world. In this way the earth is our mother, the old people said in this way we as women are earth.” Katsi Cook, Mohawk Midwife


  1. Katsi,
    I would very much like to make contact with you…I am part Iroquois most likely Mohawk and would like to connect.
    My name is Madrona and my email is mydwyf@gmail.com
    Thank you

  2. Katsi, I recognize you 🙂 You came to the Rosebud reservation in the late 90s. I came to that small meeting with my friend, an elder, who is now in the spirit world. I left the rez in 2000 and now have returned to Rosebud to work on developing a Birthing Center. It is a slow process, I find listening is a very useful tool.

  3. Thank you for your words! 🙂 I am from Argentina and at university I’m doing homework, and I chose you among other writers, to write about. 🙂 Kind regards!!! 🙂

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